Car Retention

AB-IR Pneumatic Retarder

The AB-IR is the newest patented addition to Trackside Services' line of pneumatic retarders.  It is the best application for car cut stabilization and distributed speed control.  This pneumatic tangent point/pin pull retarder is utilized in freight railroad yards, coal facilities and port authorities.


  • Pneumatic bladder design allows for pressure adjustments up or down in seconds
  • Proven reliability in temperatures to -50 degrees F
  • All bearings and slides are greaseless and maintenance free
  • Minimal air consumption
  • Fast response – breakaway protection prevents costly accidents
  • Eliminates need for setting hand brakes
  • Alleviates safety concerns with all equipment located in gauge
  • All components located above top of tie
  • Precise speed control eliminates or reduces costly damage to rail cars
  • Increases productivity in load/unload applications
  • Steel tie construction maintains exact rail gauge