Zero Speed

SR-2000 Operable Skate Retarder

The SR-2000 is key to increasing productivity by eliminating manual labor and human error in the railroad yard. Its fail-safe design is a viable braking and holding system even without electricity or hydraulics.


  • All components are located above the top of tie allowing for easy maintenance while avoiding debris and ice disabling
  • Alleviates safety concerns with all equipment located in gauge
  • Adjustment of friction shoes can be accomplished by one employee, 10 minutes per track vs. competing units that require two employees, 4 hours per track
  • Eliminates need for setting hand brakes
  • Eliminates the risk of not releasing brakes and taking the car out of service
  • Bearing and slides are greaseless and maintenance free
  • Hydraulic control box utilizes any power voltage
  • Solid metal top tie plate maintains machine function and rail gauge long after tie degradation begins
  • Reliable operation to -25 degrees F
  • 42”, 56.5” and broad gauge

SR-2000 Videos