Industry Applications


Since 1996 Trackside Services, Inc. has developed, patented and provided products in response to the railroads' changing needs and requirements. Our extensive line of braking equipment has utilized throughout the railroad industry. Examples include automated classification yards, flat yards and departure track applications. Trackside Services is the leading supplier of intrack braking and railcar energy management systems in all CLASS I rail yards in North America as well as many short lines.

Railroad Industry ApplicationsOur AB-99 has become the engineering specification on CLASS I railroads. This heavy duty, low maintenance and reliable braking system is found throughout North America as a master and group retarder in the most demanding classification yard requirements. In addition, Trackside Services’ newly patented plow bolt has eliminated brake shoe bolt failure.

Our SR-2000 is the industry standard for operable skate end of track holding solutions. This innovative retarder allows positive stopping and holding of railcars and eliminates the need for placement of tied down cars and hand skates.

Tracksides Services, Inc.’s E-160 product line has been refined to support the original GRS E Series car retarders. We maintain a high level of inventory to respond immediately to any rail yard system failure.

The AB-IR is the new solution for distributed speed control. This machine is capable of providing a large amount of velocity head removal. It’s in gauge compact design is an excellent choice for a cost-effective additional control point.